My Mom Wants to Start Dating

FEELING GUILTY ASKS, My mom just informed me that she wants to start dating. My parents have been divorced for a year so she says “she’s ready”. She said she wants to take me out to dinner soon to discuss it. She wants to know how I feel about it. I don’t know how I...

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The Real Truth About Accepting Yourself

How would completely accepting yourself change your life? You. The you that you are at this exact moment? What if you felt 100% ok with who you are, without changing a single thing? Everyone deserves to accept themselves. You deserve feeling comfortable in your own...

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I Just Want to Be friends

FOREVER FRIEND ASKS, So I have this guy friend T, and I think he wants to ask me out. We’ve been friends for two years and I love him but as a friend. I was dating someone but we broke up, and now T has been flirting and acting differently. I’m pretty sure he is...

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How Do I Convince My Parents?

GRACE ASKS, This question may seem a bit strange but how do I convince my parents to get me a new bed? I really want this loft bed because then I would have more space in my bedroom. However, I already have a (regular) bed so my parents are reluctant to...

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I Want a Pet Snake

JOHN ASKS, I want a pet snake. I want to ask my mom, but I know she doesn’t like them. My dad said it would be fine for him, but I only spend weekends with him. I need my mom to agree because it would be in her house most of the time. I just want to get a nice pet...

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My Friends Think My Boyfriend is Ugly

MANDY ASKS, There’s this boy I have been hanging out with for a few weeks. My friends didn’t know because I was waiting until we were actually going out. Well, they just found out and they said they understood why I didn’t tell them. It’s because he’s ugly and I was...

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Welcome to The Hope Girls

We just knew. In the middle of one of our monthly blog meetings, we both looked up and knew. It was time. Ooooh, time for what? It was time to take ourselves, our blog and most importantly, you on a new journey...don’t stop believing… It was time to leave the oh so...

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The Hope Girls

A mother-daughter team passionate about teens feeling great about their lives and themselves.
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