Is Something Wrong with My Period?

Jul 16, 2017 | ASK THG

ALICE ASKS,a tampon for a period

Hi, I don’t know if this is an awkward/weird question to ask, but I am concerned with my periods.

I had my period for a little over a one and a half years, and it’s still really irregular. I usually get it every month, but my cycle can be as short as 14 days or even as long as 37. But that’s not the part that worries me since I know that is normal.

My last couple of periods of have been really weird. I get the normal things: bad cramps and moodiness, but when I went to the bathroom one time, I wiped, and there was a tiny bit of blood. Then, later, when I wiped again, there was none, and that was my period.

I promise you that I am 100 percent not pregnant since I’m a virgin. I do stress a lot, so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. Is there something wrong me?
– Alice

Hey Alice,

This question is not awkward or weird at all! Every girl gets her period. Plus, it doesn’t hurt boys to understand and know what girls experience.

As you said, it’s normal to be irregular for the first year or two. You are still in within those two years, so it’s possible that’s all it is. Usually, by the third year, your body settles into a regular schedule. There isn’t an exact pattern that every period follows. It can look different to each individual.

You have done a great job at keeping track of your cycle. That is so important! It helps you learn what your “normal” looks like. You can also see when something seems off.

Other reasons for a small to nonexistent period

    • Losing a lot of weight, not eating enough calories, or exercising too much


    • Certain medications can affect your cycle


    • Stress (which is the most common reason)


Stress doesn’t help anything. If you have been stressing a lot, it’s time to work on that. Finding ways to lower your stress will not only help your body but your mind and spirit, too.

This is your body. When things change, it can be a little scary.

The best way to have a clear answer of what is going on is to visit your doctor. Your doctor knows your history and can figure out exactly what is happening.

We aren’t saying this to scare you. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Most period problems cause no reason to worry.

It is still smart to go get checked out. If something is going on, your doctor is a professional and can give you the right answers for you and your body.

You are not alone! Many girls experience the same things and have questions, too! Thank you for speaking up and asking!

Hope, snickerdoodles, and Lots of Love,
Gabriella & Veronica

The Hope Girls

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