I Always Worry

Sep 10, 2017 | ASK THG

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I always worry. What can I do?
– Worried



Hey Worried,

We’re sorry to hear that you always worry. Worrying all the time can be exhausting.

Everyone worries at least a little bit. It is a part of being human.

Worrying about passing a test or getting that spot on the team is normal. It can even motivate you to work on achieving your goals. This is a basic level of worry. Once you pass the test, the worry goes away. Things go back to normal and you move on.


When does a little worry go too far?

What if your worrying doesn’t go away?
What if you’re not sleeping?
What if you can’t stop thinking about all the what if’s?

This is next level worry. This type is not helpful. It’s consuming, exhausting, and stressful.

The truth about worrying.

Worrying never solves your problems. It actually clouds your mind.

Worrying doesn’t change what will happen, it just drives you crazy.

Most worries are about things that could happen, but probably never will. It steals time and energy away from the life you should be enjoying right now.


When worry creeps up

1. Take a few minutes to acknowledge what is making your worry.

Ex. The big science test coming up, you’re worried you might fail.

2. Focus on the truth right now.

Until I see the grade, there is no way to know if I failed. I could pass.

3. Come up with a plan to take care of your fear.

If I study, I will be more confident taking the test. I could study with a friend or talk to the teacher about the things I struggle with.

4. Go over the results afterward.

I passed the test. Without worrying, I was able to actually focus and prepare for a better grade.

Steps 1-4 are very helpful in situations that you have some control over. You are able to turn your time spent worrying into focusing on a solution. Step 4 helps you see how your focus paid off.


What about the things you have no control over?

Stop and take a breath.

Taking a few deep breaths is very calming and helps relax your body.

Get active

Do something active that you enjoy. Maybe some yoga, basketball, or taking a walk. Distract your mind.

Do something you love

Focus on your passions instead of your worries. Start a new hobby or join a new group. Fill your time with activities to keep your mind busy.

Talk it out

Talking helps put things in perspective. Talk to a friend, a parent, a counselor or with anyone else you feel comfortable sharing your worries.

Gabriella Says:

I have spent too many nights staring at the ceiling fan overthinking and worrying. Worry can feel like a train. It keeps rushing forward, even when you want to get off. But worry is a train going nowhere. The only thing worrying does for me is steal my peace of mind. Instead, I try focusing on things that actually make my life better.

There are always going to be things you have no control over. That’s part of life. Worrying is still not the answer. It doesn’t accomplish anything.

Instead of wasting energy on something you can’t control, focus on the things you can.

Don’t let worrying take over your life. It’s not worth it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes time to change a behavior.
If you need to talk to a professional, go for it! There is nothing wrong with asking for help!

Instead of worrying, let’s focus on things that make us happy.

What are things you do that make you happy?

Hope, Puppies, and Lots of Love,
Gabriella & Veronica

The Hope Girls

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