Is Starting a Vegan Club Stupid?

Oct 22, 2017 | ASK THG

ILOVEANIMALS ASKS, fruits and Vegetables Vegan can eat

I am a passionate vegan. I’m the only one in my family of meat eaters. I want to meet other vegans and be able to talk about it. I was thinking that maybe I could start a club at my school. Is that stupid? Do you think people would join? How do I even do that?

– Iloveanimals

Hey Iloveanimals,

Stupid idea? No! Fantastic idea? Yes!

Sharing your passion and meeting other vegan students = total win!

Talk to your school and find out what you need to do. They might have you fill out some forms and answer some questions.

Questions your school could ask:

Why do you want to start this vegan club?
What is the purpose?
What will you do at the meetings?
How often will you want to meet?
What are your goals?
Do you have a teacher that is willing to be an advisor?

Don’t panic if you don’t have all the answers right now.
Take some time to figure out what you want out of this club.

Most importantly, let your passion and enthusiasm for being a vegan shine!

Once your club is approved, spread the word. Hang up posters and hand out flyers (as long as its allowed).

The other vegans in your school will come. They will probably be happy to meet other vegans, too.

It is never wrong to go after something you’re passionate about and try something new. Go for it!

hope, carrots, and lots of love,
gabriella & veronica
The Hope Girls

Now we want to hear from you!

Are there any passionate vegans out there?

Are you in a school club? Which club are you in?

Do you have a question?

Need some advice?
Ask THG! Gabriella and Veronica have answers!
If it’s on your mind it’s worth asking.

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