My Girlfriend Wants a Fancy Date but I’m Broke

Jul 30, 2017 | ASK THG

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What kind of date is my girlfriend expecting? My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost six months. It’s our six month anniversary in a few weeks and she is expecting me to take her on a “fancy” date. She said not like our usual dates. We go to the movies, out to eat stuff like that. It’s always costs me a lot to go to the movies. She knows I don’t have any money and she always says that’s ok, she doesn’t care about that. So why is she wanting me to spend money now? I’ve been trying to save and I have a little extra but not enough for a “fancy” date. I love her and want to do something special, but I can’t afford it.
– Broke Date

Hey Broke Date,

Congrats on six months!

One of the questions you asked is, “why is she wanting me to spend money now”.

Did she actually ask you to spend money or did she say “fancy” and not like your “usual dates”? It may sound the same, but there is a big difference.

It sounds like she understands your situation. We don’t think she is expecting you to spend money you don’t have.

“Fancy” date means special. She wants you to put more effort into it than usual. Effort. Not money.

Plan something that will show her how much you care about her and this relationship.
Remember that it’s not about being perfect or expensive, just special.

Here are some date ideas to get your brain working.

A nighttime picnic: Ooooh, this one can be very romantic. You can go before it gets dark, bring dinner and watch the sunset. Or, maybe just do dessert after dark under the stars. Bring her favorite foods (bonus points for remembering her favs). The trick to making it “fancy” is to bring a blanket and put everything in a cute container or basket.

A free concert or show: Most cities offer free (or very close to free) events. Look up free things to do in your city or a town close to you. Some parks have free concerts or plays. Sometimes theaters have a rehearsal night where they allow people to see big shows for a fraction of the original ticket price.

A museum: Is there something that she is really into? Well, there is probably a museum all about that. Strolling through a museum, talking and holding hands can be romantic. Plus, picking a place with her interests shows you know her and care about what she likes.

Gabriella Says:

I had a bf that planned a scavenger hunt in a bookstore date. We had to find books with weird titles, love stories, and authors with our names. I’m obsessed with books so I loved the effort he made to do something special for me. The hunt was creative, super fun and FREE!

It’s so sweet how much you care about her! We can tell that you want to make this date special. Keep the focus on her and not the money. She will love it!

Hope, Romance, and Lots of Love,
Gabriella & Veronica

The Hope Girls

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