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If it’s on your mind it’s worth asking.

Need some advice?

Ask The Hope Girls!

If it’s on your mind it’s worth asking.

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Is Starting a Vegan Club Stupid?

ILOVEANIMALS ASKS, I am a passionate vegan. I’m the only one in my family of meat eaters. I was thinking that maybe I could start a club at my school.

My Mom Read My Diary

BETRAYED ASKS, I know my mom read my diary. Why would she do that? I thought I could trust her and now I just feel so betrayed.

My Dad Doesn’t Support My Art

My problem is with my dad. He doesn’t support my art dream. I want to become an artist, but he wants the complete opposite.

He’s Had Sex and I Haven’t

KELS ASKS, I’m dating someone new. It’s only been a few weeks but I’m feeling guilty and awkward around him. He has had sex before and I haven’t. I don’t care because everyone has sex. He’s amazing and sweet and I really like him, but I’m not sure if he will like me if I’m a virgin.

How Can I Be More Kind?

How can I be more kind? It’s not that I’m rude. I just feel it in my heart I should be kinder and do kind things. Do you have any suggestions on how to do that?

I Always Worry

WORRY ASKS, I always worry. What can I do? Everyone worries at least a little bit, but when does a little worry go too far?

I’m Afraid to Go to Church

KD ASKS, My question is about church. A friend of mine keeps asking me to go to church with her. Can I go with her even if I don’t know about it?

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“I’d been in a really dark place the past three years, but as of now, even though it’s not easy, I know that I’m in a better place. I feel a huge weight just… gone. For once in the past three years, I’m truly happy. It’s amazing, and I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement and help the past few years.” Hannah

“This is such perfect advice.” Anonymous

“I just read my answer and I am so thankful you actually listened to me. It’s so nice to know somebody cares. I want to live longer. “ Loner

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