Love Yourself

Do You

Play Music


This totally sounds like your life, right?

No responsibilities. No homework. No insecurities.
Your parents always listen to you and your crush just texted.
Wake up. Feel Awesome. No worries…

Yeah, right!

Let’s be real, being a teen doesn’t always work that way.
Sometimes it just sucks. And even if that sounds like your life, chances are, it isn’t the whole story.

Maybe you…

  • Are trying to figure out who you are as a person, but feel pressure to be what others want you to be.
  • Want to be happy, but feel confused and overwhelmed.
  • Want to go after your goals and take on your fears, but feel self-conscious and not good enough.

Confusing? Yes!

We get it. We’ve been there.
Between us, our teen experiences included depression, self-harm, crazy pressures, best friends, negative relationships with parents, first loves and…phew…okay you get it.

That means DOUBLE the messy, magical, difficult and of course awkward teen moments.

Our experiences give us the tips and strategies to help make those tricky, awkward and difficult moments a little easier to navigate.

Truth is…

  • There is no one else in this world exactly like you and that’s a great thing.
  • You have power. You choose how you treat yourself. 
  • You ARE good enough! Having confidence and good self-esteem improves every part of your life.

We’re here to help you conquer your teen years, answer your questions and talk about the things that matter to you!

TWOgether we have twice the experiences and twice the advice.

We will encourage you to…

  • LOVE YOU. See yourself as the badass you are.
  • DO YOU. Embrace your individuality and amazingness. 
  • OWN IT. Believe in yourself and go for it. Focus on your strengths and learn from your mistakes.

You have an amazing life to rock!

We are here to cheer you on.
Who are we? untitled-design-2

Gabriella & Veronica

A mother-daughter team passionate

about teens feeling great about their lives and themselves.

Meet Gabriella

I’m Gabriella, aka the daughter half of The Hope Girls. I’m a twentysomething college student, over thinker, appreciator of cheesy jokes, and always ready to take on the world.

They tell me I’m an adult now, but most days I still feel like a teen. I understand the magic and insanity that comes with growing up. That’s why I am passionate about teens knowing their lives matter!

Growing up, I felt like I had two sides. There was the side from a single mom who empowered me to love myself. The other side came from an absent dad leaving me feeling broken and confused. Along the way, I chose to embrace my strength and stop questioning if I was good enough. Now, I’m passionate about encouraging teens to embrace their strength and take on their lives.


Sour Patch Kids


Stabbed by a sea urchin


Mr. Miyagi the goldfish
Meet Veronica

I’m Veronica, Monopoly champion (says me), enthusiastic encourager, 80’s teen (Pac-Man, Breakfast Club, and hair bands for life!), and the mom half of The Hope Girls.

I have mentored teens for over 25 years, raised a teen, and feel like a perpetual teenager. As long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for inspiring and encouraging teens.

I grew up with parents that couldn’t grasp the meaning of parenting. I always felt alone and empty which led to a lot of tears and bad choices. While parenting myself I figured out what works and what doesn’t. Those experiences gave me the tools to live out my passion and help teens understand their lives.



Born on Christmas Eve


A puppy named Friday


The Facts of Life

Alone we are awesome. As a team, we are even better.

As a daughter-mother team, we work together.

Yes, work together. In the same room. At the same time. *Gasp*

We enjoy being a team, even when we don’t agree (which happens often). We are living proof that parents and teens can have a strong relationship.

When we’re not rescuing kittens (22 and counting), fighting off dragons (1.5 and counting) and generally saving the world, we are encouraging teens to take on their own world.

You’re Worth It
You Matter
We Care


We have been spreading hope and encouraging as a team for as long as we can remember.

Along the way, we were given the nickname The Hope Girls.

It stuck and became a part of who we are.




We sing nonstop.

A good song comes on and we can turn it into a full-blown musical production. Twenty minutes later, we get back to work.

We can’t stop the music.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Berthold Auerbach


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